Friday, August 31, 2007

Yankees Vs. Red Sox: My First Professional Game

It must have been about 23 years ago that I had the opportunity to attend my first professional sports game. There I was in Boston, Fenway Park on a nice August evening. Unaware of the impact of the rivalry between these two teams, it was the day that would confuse everyone who ever asked me who my favorite baseball team was. The excitement of the day had my adrenaline going. The crowd of fans, the screaming, the players I'd seen on the television made the day somewhat of a dream. It was then I made up my mind that those two teams were my favorite. It was a great experience.

This past week I had the chance of attending the second game of a 3 game series between The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox. I have since favored the Yankees but still remember why they were both my favorite. I was thrown back in time to that first game and I felt like a kid again. All the excitement was there as it was before, the crowds, the cheering, the players and the celebrities...Paul McCartney, Billy Crystal, Venus Williams, Penny Marshall and the diamond encrusted smile worn by the one and only Hip-Hop artist Paul Wall.

One day when I have children I hope to bring them to witness the same thing. Maybe create the same watch it live is so magical! I pray that my kids will one day say I remember when I went to my first professional sports game.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It Was A Pleasure To Meet You Mr. Dick Gregory...

I went to attend a hair show in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend and had the opportunity to introduce myself to Mr. Dick Gregory. In that instance as I recognized him while we walked toward each other I had so many questions for him. How was the experience growing up as an activist? What encouraged you to want to be a comedian? As a vegetarian what kinds of different foods do you eat? Do you think Barack Obama will make a great President if given the opportunity? What is your opinion on the Michael Vick situation?

For a moment it felt like we spoke for hours and all I did was ask the questions one by one the whole time. I wanted to learn so much and hear about everything he had to share. However, all I had the chance to say was...Hello Mr. Gregory it is a pleasure to meet you, my name is June Archer. He said, "It's a pleasure to meet you" "How are you?" I said, great! He replied, "How's your family?" They are great, I said with total confidence. The elevator arrived and I was left with all those questions to be answered until the next time we meet.

It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Dick Gregory.

June Archer - In My Lifetime!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kids Just Being Kids...

Recently I had the pleasure of judging a showcase of talent that was given by a few BET executives. To my amazement I was brought back to the days when I grew up having fun. The days when singing and dancing was the greatest feeling in the world. The young people that participated in "Blaze The Stage" were not only talented but very manageable, polite and respectful. There were singers, rappers and dancers that took the stage as if they were seasoned veterans. The excitement in the theater was electric.

For the first time in a long time I was convinced that despite the years that have passed by and how much things have changed due to the age of Myspace, Facebook and the almighty Internet kids are still having good clean fun. I charge every parent to assist in the development of their child in the arts and entertainment. It encourages teamwork and the ability to develop their personalities. Yes, school work is important however, beyond that, we are missing human interaction with each other. Every now and then put down the blackberry, sidekick and iPhone. I am guilty as well for being so dependent on one of these gadgets. However, human interaction cannot be replaced as communication is very important. Spend time with these young people, support them. If it presents itself share with them those old videos of you at your high school talent show. You were a kid once...

June Archer...In My Lifetime!