Thursday, November 1, 2007

Take Time To Stop And Say Hello...

How many times have you said to yourself...I wonder how such and such is doing or what they have been up to? With life moving fast in this day and age we often forget about family and close friends. Yes, we e-mail, we text, we even catch people on Myspace. What happened to human interaction? Calling a friend or relative on the telephone just to say hello, I was thinking of you. Taking the time to stop by and say hello just to see how they were doing. I am guilty of it as well but have tried over the past two years to do better.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. To wake up and live to see another day is a blessing. A blessing we tend to take advantage of. Some might not live to see another day. The ones you love, are close to, admire or just enjoy being around. Do you greet them with a kind word and part with I love you? I charge those who read this to reach out to those close family and friends and let them know you love and appreciate them. What is ahead for tomorrow, we don't know.

I had the opportunity to speak with a good friend two weeks ago. A childhood friend I grew to respect, admire, look up to and love. He was what one would call a renaissance man. For as long as I could remember he was always ahead of the latest and greatest of what was hot. He used to spray paint/air brush jean jackets for the kids in the neighborhood. If you needed a fresh haircut with the fly design in it, he was your guy. When it came to music, he was an M.C. with the most prolific and intelligent lyrics, he could DJ like the best of them he looked up to...Jam Master Jay and Grand Master Flash. If you wanted your jeans with the permanent crease or switch up the look of your Lee jeans...He was the future of clothing design as we know it today. This young man truly had his hand in everything and did them all very well.

Time had past and going through my phone book I came across his name and gave him a call. I was glad to know he was doing well and enjoying life. Our conversation was electric as we spoke about life, what was going on with each other. He was proud of my accomplishments as I was of his as well. We promised to see each other soon to meet about another young man he was thrilled to mentor at church. He was called to ministry and was obedient in his calling. I was looking forward to seeing and speaking with again...On Monday October 29Th 2007 the lord called him home. His stay was very short however, his legacy, memory and friendship will last a lifetime in my heart. I see his smile as I write these words. It was a blessing to speak with him that day. It was a blessing to be his friend. I look forward to seeing him again. Until then I wish him peace and blessing. I pray for his family and friends that they will heal with time. They should know they have a lot to smile about for just being able to spend what little time he had here on earth with them but know the day will come when they will see him again.

I'm glad I had the chance to take the time to stop and hello. I won't say goodbye but for now I'll say see you later.

My Friend, my brother I will surely miss you.
We love you Anthony (Tony) Mason
Rest In Peace 1970-2007

In My Lifetime - June Archer