Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Taste of Success...

A taste of success is different from having an appetite for it. Once you realize all that goes into becoming successful at something you appreciate why it is an acquired taste for only a chosen few. Some people find it difficult to be successful and happy at the same time. Are you hungry for success and happiness?

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Enrich The Lives Of Others...

Success is not just only the ability to make a handsome amount of money. You should position yourself to enrich the lives of those around you by how you live and treat everyone you come in contact with, regardless of the money you accumulate.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Monday, October 18, 2010


The chances of you being successful at something is based on your passion for what it is you love and are good at doing. The chances of continued success is based on how much of a blessing you are to those around you because of your success.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Excersice Your Rights...

We often take for granted that we are responsible for our own happiness and success. Don't allow anyone to steal your joy and the blessings that are due. If it is your season, excercise your right to recieve those blessings and the successes that comes along with them. Never block your blessings because of the insecurities of others.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Be The Light!

No matter how hard you attempt to motivate the people around you must first understand that your sense of urgency and willingness to succeed most times will be more intense than those around you. Keep your light bright and shine for all the world to see. When they need it, if deserving, you can ...be the flame to spark the fire needed to encourage that sense of urgency they need. Be the light.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Problems Vs. Solutions...

Solving a problem now is easier than having to force a solution to fix it later. When you force solutions on problems, you only create new problems. Keep in mind, you can look at it from two perspectives. There is a solution to every problem or There are no problems, just solutions.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Focus On The Good...

Good things happen to good people. Great things happen for those seeking greatness. When you struggle to find the good and great in life, look at those less fortunate than you. However, those more fortunate than you struggle with this as well. Focus on the the good and great in your world and watch the world around you change.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Replace The Old For The New...

You can't expect new blessings and opportunities when you hold onto things that are taking up space in your life and in your heart. How do you expect blessings to bestow you if you don't have any room to recieve them? Make space! Get rid of old clothes, things, stuff and negative & toxic people.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Drop Off Your Baggage...

Don't get off track with negative people around you. Drop them off at the next stop, the one before your reach your destination called success. Life is too short for extra baggage.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Hold Onto The Wheel...

You will encounter slips, roadblocks and bumps along the road to success. One of the most important things to remember is to keep your hands on the wheel at all times. As long as you know your destination you can enjoy or learn from everything along the way whether good, bad or indifferent.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!

Fail To Succeed!

You can't succeed at anything until you've failed at something. We live to succeed by trial and error but the pay off is in the success we achieve after the lessons learned.

June Archer...In My Lifetime!