Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Letter To My Son...The Day After

In life, there are things we do that we are happy about. Sometimes we are disappointed with things we have done. There are times we are proud of the things we did and not so proud of other things. I am both happy and proud that I had the opportunity to witness what I believe to be some of the most important events of my life.

It was October 16, 1995 when I took the trip to Washington D.C. to participate in the calling of a million men to assemble on the historic mall. It was a grand occasion that I will never forget. There were men from every part of the United States. Great Grand Fathers, Grand Fathers, Fathers, Sons, Grand Sons and Great Grand Sons. There was nothing like it and never will there be. Coming together as a sign of unity and strength, over a million men to change one man, that man being myself. It was truly AMAZING! When the time comes to share the story with you I pray that I can recall it down to the smallest of details that will allow you to live it vicariously through me as I relive it. This was one of those things to be proud of.

Yesterday January 20, 2009 will be a day I will never forget. A day that for many, was one that no person would have dreamed. At high noon the 44Th President of the United Sates of America was sworn into the highest office in our Country. Debating as to whether your Mother and I would make the trip I thought to myself, this is one event I did not want to miss. Remembering the intensity and energy of the million man march I attempted to convince mommy to go. Before I go further I would be remiss to mention we were in a snow storm before we left. We took off nonetheless. A decision I am glad we made. Did I do it for me? Yes. But most importantly we did it for you. I want you to know that above all else if you don't learn anything else from us that you will come to understand there are certain things in life that you have to accomplish and witness for yourself. At the end of this journey we call life all we will have are the memories we've created along the way.

We woke up at 7am yesterday morning and walked over 10 miles in the blistery cold to stand on that same Washington mall. However, this time millions came to see one man. A man we believe will be the advocate of change. We voted for him, actually on Tuesday November 4th, 2008 you and I went together. I held you in my arms as I filled out the voting ballot. Another memory I hope you will come to be proud of. Our vote counted and he was elected. We watched him become the 44Th President in front of our eyes. Yes we could have stayed home and watched it on television but there is no substitute for the response the millions assembled gave when his name was called over the loud speaker and jumbotron screens..."Ladies and Gentlemen our 44Th President of The United States Of America, Barack Hussein Obama!" The crowd went wild! Every race and nationality you could think of was witness to this great event. They came from everywhere to see this man of color become the first African-American to hold this position. I was happy to be there and proud to be an American.

I can only imagine that for your generation it will probably be the norm to have a man of color or a woman presiding over our Country. I pray I live to see that day. It would be a blessing to watch it with you and your children. Or maybe we will watch your children while you go and experience it for yourself.

I hope and pray that you take that journey not only for yourself but for me as I did for you. Do it for your children but do it so that you will have something to be happy and proud of.

In My Lifetime...June Archer

Monday, January 5, 2009

What A Difference A Year Can Make...

Happy New Year! What makes a new year happy? I guess that all depends on the individual and what his or her mind is programmed to believe. Money, Power, Respect...? Family, Health, Happines...? Some might agree the latter of the bunch is not as exciting as the first three. You can have it all if you focus properly. Having it all means have a blessed and balanced life and in return a great and happy new year for the whole year.

I enter 2009 with another notch on my belt. I am a son, a brother, a best friend, a husband and now a father. All are important to me but none more important than being a father to a young man that I pray will be all of these things one day as well. I hope and pray that I live long enough to witness every one of them come true.

He is such an inspiration that it gives me so much more meaning to life. Something deep inside of you wants to be kind so that others may be kind to you and those you love. I want him to understand the same things. In life it's not just who you know but who knows you. Be kind to others and live good with others for at the end of the day when the money, power and respect have no say in the nursing home...all you have are memories of those who helped make the journey a blessing.

Be good to yourself and to others. We don't know when our time may be up or when the good Lord may need us to do work directly with him so make every moment count.

Happy New Year!

In My Lifetime...June Archer