Monday, December 24, 2007

Every Day Is A Happy Holiday!

Happy Holidays is so 80's! (smile)

2008 is slowly approaching and it's time to set goals and resolutions. Take time to think about what you really want...Happiness, Health & Wealth. Sure for some of us they might be in a different order but for some they mean different things. This New Year take time to take care of yourself and the loved ones around you. Be a blessing to others and watch the blessings return ten fold. Take time to say a kind word to a few people each day it may brighten up their day. Give a gift on a day other than a birthday or anniversary. Spend more time with your family besides reserving it just for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Time waits for none of us and life is traveling faster than ever in this day and age. Before long babies are teenagers, young adults, adults and parents right before our eyes. We pray they grow to display all that we teach them...but what are we teaching them? How about instilling the right traditions, morals, customs and beliefs that they can pass on to their children. It's time to not just make a change but to do things differently and throw away grudges and hatred. Life is too short.

This new year we should wake up every day and be grateful to live to see another opportunity to live life and enjoy it with loved ones and close friends. It is a gift from the most high. Don't wait for holidays that just exist on the calendar...Every Day Is A Happy Holiday!

In My Lifetime...June Archer